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The Casual Tourist Guide to South London

The Casual Tourist Guide to South London

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Some would consider south London as the "real" London. That's because London is a city of immigrants, influenced by almost every culture across the globe, and many of south London's neighbourhoods really exemplify this, and it's absolutely worth experiencing and immersing yourself into.

In The Casual Tourist Guide to South London, we cover three areas. There's Bermondsey, the most centrally-located, not far from one of the busiest stations in England but the area still has this incredibly calm, village-like vibe to it. Here you'll find historic markets, a beer lover's paradise, and plenty of fabulous restaurants and pubs. Then there's Brixton, an area that has been popular with the Afro-Caribbean population since the Windrush Era, so you'll see this influence on the eclectic food and drink scene here. Finally, there's Peckham, also known for the influence of its immigrant population, and home to some incredible regeneration projects, like a rooftop bar at the top of a multi-storey car park.

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So... you're the type of tourist who...

... doesn't want to cram fifty sights and activities into a day.

... doesn't need to see every tourist site.

... doesn't want to stand in a line for an hour just to sit in a pod with thirty other people for thirty minutes.

Or maybe you even live in London and you just want to experience as much of it as possible in the evenings and on the weekends.

You're my favourite type of tourist... a casual tourist.

We've made these guides for YOU.

Get to know the underbelly of London with a detailed list of a Londoner's best recommendations for what to do, see, eat and drink.

What's in the Casual Tourist Guides?

A curated list of:

- Sights and Points of Interest that one of those vanilla guidebooks would never tell you about

- Fun activities and tours to help you experience the alternative side of the area

- Local cafes to park up and enjoy a coffee in

- Pubs to visit that will be filled with Londoners enjoying a pint and a roast

- Unique markets and can't-miss restaurants

- Sexy bars for sipping elaborate cocktails in

- Shops selling interesting and eco-friendly treats to take home

Each guide has:

- Approximately 50 recommendations

- Insider tips, opening hours, price range, Google Maps link, dietary restriction info and wheelchair accessibility status

- Printable checklist of all of the recommendations in the guide. Keep track of which ones you've experienced so far.

- NEW: Digital Map to help you visualise where each recommendation is in relation to the others, and to help you navigate when you're on the ground in London.

 *You'll receive this guide immediately upon purchase via digital download.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to receive my guide?

You'll receive this guide immediately upon purchase via digital download.

How do I save the guides to my phone/laptop?

To most easily access your Love and London guides and to make sure you can always reference them into the future, you’ll need to download your files to one or more of your devices. It’s fairly straightforward but if you are not sure how to do that then follow these steps.

Get in touch with us if you need us to reset your download attempts as each guide can be downloaded five times by default.

I have the 3-Day Itinerary, are the Casual Tourist Guides similar?

The Casual Tourist Guide to Central and East London have some overlap with Day 2 and 3 of the itinerary. 

Out of our Casual Tourist Guide series, the best additions to the itinerary are West London and North London, both of which don’t cover any similar areas.

Customer Reviews

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Darren Martin
Casual Guides

Will be a great help when we arrive in London in a few months

Dave Easley
Casual Tourist Guide to South London

Brilliant as always! Jess does a great job of providing detailed, accurate information and documenting all of the best spots. Thanks, Jess!

Ian James Lacey
Another splendid effprt

I always enjoy getting these because they never go for the mainstream attractions and so much that is featured dovetails with my interests