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Great value

The paid itinerary, in addition to the free YouTube videos from this channel (using Citymapper,
transportation from the airport to Paddington, etc.) were extremely helpful. Enjoyed the mix of local gems with the more famous sites, and having the list of sites divided out in manageable groupings per day - already done for us - saved soooooo much planning time. We tried many of the restaurant recommendations - all good and aligned to the review in the itinerary. It was nice to know what to expect. The digital Google map was very nicely done. The toilet guide was a lifesaver! Highly recommend this purchase. It’s a great value considering the amount of self-research time it saved (not to mention the resident tips that couldn’t have been found easily elsewhere). :)

4-Day London Itinerary 2024

Packing Guide

3-Day Itinerary

Good itinerary, even better customer service!

The Best Thing I Could Have Done for My London Trip

I purchased the 6 Day Itinerary for our 10+ day trip to London in May. Guys, when I tell you these guides are lifesavers would be an understatement. If you’re like me and you get overwhelmed when planning a trip and don’t know where to start, GET THESE ITINERARIES! They take away the stress and just let you get more and more excited for your upcoming trip. I cannot thank Jess and the Love and London team enough!!

Helpful information

We are going to be in London for only 48hrs, so The Casual Tourist Guide to West London will be very helpful and it will help me to decide which places I want to see and what is close by that would be of interest. With so little time I don't want to waste time by spending it trying to figure out how to use the London Tube, where the public toilets are, trying to figure out where to eat, etc. These guides will definitely help with all that. I love the maps you get to download with all the information that I need on the map. Also, I'm not the best with computers and downloading maps, but Love + London was there to help me. I just wish I had longer in London to explore more with my Casual Guide. Highly recommend using their helpful guides! We have a month before our trip, but I am looking forward to a memorial and good 48 hours in London with my Casual Guide.

Time of our Lifes

We were able to see and do everything we wanted and more because of this amazing company thank you so much for making our experience magical.

Worth every penny!

In just the first cursory review of the material we found two ideas that we had not considered that saved us more than we paid for the 5 day itinerary. Well with the money!!

London Packing Guide
Tod Marburger
Super helpful

While we are between seasons it was great to identify essentials even though I have overpacked it did help me prevent forgetting some items

Refreshing travel guide!

I love this guide -- it's easy to use, and the suggestions are really fun. You definitely get a feel for London while avoiding many of the same tourist traps. Can't wait to visit some of these spots!

Very useful for planning and research

The guides have helped me find decent, affordable accommodation options, also for budget planning, clothes to organise

The expertise we knew we needed with the tools we never knew existed

We're deep in planning the details for our first family trip to London (we've had adult only trips previously), and the Casual Guides provide tons of insight into lesser known sights, restaurants, pubs, and cafes we may want to check out throughout the city. The Notion system essentially is a guidebook with all the pages you've flagged boiled down to an app on your phone, and there's a PDF of said guidbook to provide you with all the lovely visuals and more traditional format to read.

I am beyond impressed with the product and have already recommended it to others.

Love and London - Your security to all of London - Jess does it all

So love listening to Jess and watching her videos..... and all the many typical tourist facts to help you, the tourist, to navigate all there is to know about London. She covers it ALL!! Her itineraries are well worth it. Can wait to arrive in London to check it all out!!

Upcoming trip to London

Have watched the videos and was impressed. Decided to order guide to central London. Love what I see, especially map that comes with it. Can't wait to put to use for upcoming trip.

Amazing London trip!

I surprised my husband with the trip to London the day of departure and the tour guide printed in a binder. He was shock and we enjoyed so many amazing restaurants and the map was great to have around to see what we were near. Thank you.

Good value for money, lots of useful info. 100% recommended!

Best guide for first time travelers!

Well written and researched. Will review again once I return from my trip.

Good project

Good project

Makes planning your trip so much easier and surprisingly fun!

I got all five Casual Tourist Guides, and I LOVE all the helpful information - from the suggestions of things to do and see, to the Google maps which make finding the places so convenient, to the restroom locations, and especially the Notion template! I'd never used Notion before and it makes the trip SO much easier to organize, sort, etc. I'm excited to go back to London with my long list of new things to experience. I highly recommend getting AT LEAST one of these guides.

London Spending Guide
Michael Payne
Bucket list

With so many things to see and do it was a little overwhelming. The Love and London guide has helped us tremendously.

London Packing Guide
Susan Sherren

London Packing Guide

This was amazing

Im planning a trip to London and knew we wanted to do some items so I bought the 3 day guide to give me some ideas to structure the trip. It was incredible. The Google maps locations and restrooms are probably worth the cost alone but laying out the best way to see sights and restaurant recommendations has saved me weeks of planning. These guides are incredibly thorough and I loved them so much I actually bought all 5 casual tourist guides as well. I feel so prepared for our trip. I wish these guides existed for every one of my vacation destinations.

Thank you so much for your review Sarah! We are so happy you are pleased with your 3 day guide.

Happy Travelling! :)

The Love and London team

Fantastic Way To Plan

These guides are a fantastic way to plan our stay. All the hard work is done which leaves more time to plan other things. Thanks so much

Hi Susan!

Thank you so much for your review :D We are so happy you are pleased with your guides.

Happy Travelling! :)

The Love and London team

London Packing Guide
Sarah Shaughnessy
Great itinerary!

Great information! Can’t wait to use it on my upcoming vacation!

Thank you so much for your review Sarah! We are so happy you are pleased with your itinerary.

Happy Travelling! :)

The Love and London team

Here’s to London

I am loving my 3 day London Itinerary. I’ve combed through it and there is indeed something there for everyone. We especially like all the food/drink recommendations and their descriptions. So looking forward to our upcoming trip and feel very informed.