Know exactly what
you’ll need to buy and pack
for your London trip 🧳

Know exactly what you’ll need to buy and pack for your London trip 🧳

Know EXACTLY what you’ll need for your trip (by season) so you can buy it way in advance

Get a done-for-you packing list so you can just pack and go

Ensure your trip isn’t ruined because you forgot that ONE important thing

Packing for a trip abroad is SO HARD....

maybe this sounds like you?

I don’t understand the London weather, so I have no idea what clothes I should be bringing with me

I have no idea what Londoners wear so I don’t know what to buy ahead of time

I’m afraid I’m forgetting super important paperwork and other things I didn’t know London tourists have to have

I don’t have the time to make a packing list, which means I’ll probably forget a bunch of stuff…

We TOTALLY understand. As a company founded and run by travellers, we know how daunting it can be to pack for a trip in a completely foreign country with let’s face it, confusing weather patterns.

We too were frustrated by generic packing guides you find online, which motivated us to want to create one for our own city.

So we made the London Packing Guide.

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We’ve made your packing plan for you ✨

With our London Packing Guide, you’ll:

  • Know what weather to expect for your trip and how to pack for it
  • Get recommendations for Londoner-approved clothing that will help avoid looking like a tourist (and being a target for pick-pockets)
  • Find out what important paperwork and other items you CANNOT forget for a problem-free trip
  • Pack for your trip quickly and efficiently in just a couple of hours with a pre-made list.

3 simple steps for stress-free London packing

Step 1

Download your guide and access your packing list.

Step 2

Buy or borrow all the items you’re missing.

Step 3

Pack your suitcase and have a great time in London.

What’s included in the London Packing Guide?

  • London Weather Guide with weather averages by month so you can know what to expect
  • “Do Not Forget” Guide of the things that tourists ALWAYS forget that can make or break your trip for London
  • "Dress like a Londoner" Guide with suggested clothing items to bring for the weather you’ll experience (with links to ones we recommend)
  • Packing Lists for each season (Printable PDFs + Notion templates ) to make packing quick and easy

Every element of the London Packing Guide is digital, so it will land straight in your inbox after purchase!

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What our customers say...

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A must have item!

"I was planning a trip to London with my family & didn’t know what type of clothing we needed to pack. This guide covers everything you need to know, from temperature weather averages by month to a detailed packing list by season. In addition important items to have on hand (copies of passports, credit cards, etc.). This guide is very thorough & easy to understand. It is definitely written for the novice traveler! You will not be disappointed with this guide!"

Ann, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Happy People Packing London 4.png__PID:f40b8cd1-902d-4daa-b6f9-b1cc5b342800

We have much more confidence going into our trip...

"My wife and I are traveling to London for the first time this May (2022). We found the guide (and Love and London’s videos and other products) very helpful. We have much more confidence going into our trip than we would have without Jess’s suggestions."

Todd, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Happy People Packing London 4.png__PID:9dce4b6e-ffff-4637-9e8a-35ec793ca4a9

Summer in London checklist

“Just printed my Summer in London checklist- I'm already a little less stressed! With all of the decisions I have to make about itinerary (your YouTube channel has helped tremendously, btw) it's nice to have a compact, everything you'll probably need, checklist to rely on!”

Cheryl, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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Customer Reviews

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Great Packing Guide

I found the Guide really good, especially for minimising what I thought I wanted to travel with as opposed to what I needed to travel with. Great effort, Love & London. Thank you.

John Hermann
Very helpful

Very helpful and informative

Leeann Knight

London Packing Guide

Christine B.
Excellent Packing Tips

My husband and I are taking a trip to London in the fall and we weren't sure what to pack. This guide really is helpful because it covers everything from weather by season to things we would not have thought about and may have missed. The checklist section really takes the stress out of packing and has help me buy a few things for the season in preparation.

Rulon Combs

Packing Guide