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London Spending Guide

London Spending Guide

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Struggling to figure out the budget for your London trip?

The London Spending Guide is a tool that does just that. It comes with:

1. London Cost Guide - a PDF filled with advice about getting and spending money in London, plus guides for how much you can expect to pay for certain parts of your trip, and recommendations for hotels, food, drink and activities for every budget level.


2. London Budget Tracker - an easy-to-use but incredibly comprehensive Google Sheets template. Calculate how much money you need to save each month to pay for your trip, figure out the total amount you can spend, play with your numbers to see where you want to splurge and where you want to save, and keep track of your daily spending while in London so you can stay on budget. It's available for 30+ different currencies (see which ones in the FAQ section below.)

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Are you struggling to create a budget for your London trip?

London is SUCH an expensive city, so it’s really easy to crush your budget without even noticing, especially when you’re also dealing with trying to do currency conversions in your head on the fly.

It’s also really hard to get a good idea of how much every part of your trip is going to cost, thinking about food, drinks, and little things like a late-night Uber ride after emerging from the club at 3am…

So to help you figure out your London trip budget and stick to it, there's the London Spending Guide.

BTW, if you love a spreadsheet, you’ll geek out over this 😉

What do you get with the London Spending Guide?

1. The London Cost Guide, a PDF with:

- Money and spending tips

- Price ranges to expect for hotels, transport, food and more

- Specific recommendations from Jess for "budget", "mid-range" and "luxury" restaurants, hotels, bars and activities

... and more

2 - London Budget Tracker

A comprehensive, but easy-to-use Google Sheets template to help you:

- Figure out how much you need to save from each pay period to reach your trip savings goal (in your currency, 30+ are available!)

- Calculate your total trip budget for the type of travel you want to do (budget, luxury, etc.)

- Play around with your budgets for each category so you know where you want to spend more and where you want to save money

- Keep track of your daily spending so you know how much you have left in your budget and when you've overspent

... and more

See how the Budget Tracker works...

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to receive the London Spending Guide?

You'll receive this guide immediately upon purchase via digital download. The links will be sent to your email address.

How does the London Budget Tracker work?

You'll get a link to download the Google Sheets template within your files.

We also provide you with plenty of instructions on how to use the sheet, both in the document and via a video tutorial.

How tech saavy do I need to be to use this?

You'll want to know the basics of how Google Sheets works, but otherwise we provide you with plenty of instructions and all of the formulas are protected so it's almost impossible you to mess anything up.

Of course if you have any problems or questions you can email us at and we'd be happy to help.

Can I print the London Cost Guide?

We'd prefer if you didn't, it has lots of links in it which obviously won't work if you print it, plus it'll be a waste of paper and ink. It's designed to be used digitally so try to keep it that way :)

Do I need to have a Google account to use this?

Yes, you just need a Google Docs account via Gmail to save your file to.

Do you have recommendations in the Cost Guide for budget travelers?

Yes! We have a "budget" category for each section and we also recommend some hostels.

We're traveling as a family, does this work for us?

While the Cost Guide doesn't have a family-specific section, we included a few notes about which recommendations are kid-friendly (up to 13 years old). The Budget Tracker has a spot where you enter how many people you're traveling with and then the spreadsheet does all the math for you, when relevant.

Which currencies does this support?

It works with British Pounds (as you'll pay for most of your London things in ££) and it converts the following currencies:

United States dollar - US$
Euro - €
Japanese yen - 円 / ¥
Pound sterling £
Australian dollar - A$
Canadian dollar - C$
Swiss franc - CHF
Renminbi - 元 / ¥
Hong Kong dollar - HK$
New Zealand dollar - NZ$
Swedish krona - kr
South Korean won - ₩
Singapore dollar - S$
Norwegian krone - kr
Mexican peso - $
Indian rupee - ₹
Russian ruble - ₽
South African rand - R
Turkish lira - ₺
Brazilian real - R$
New Taiwan dollar - NT$
Danish krone - kr
Polish złoty - zł
Thai baht - ฿
Indonesian rupiah - Rp
Hungarian forint - Ft
Czech koruna - Kč
Israeli new shekel - ₪
Chilean peso - CLP$
Philippine peso - ₱
UAE dirham - د.إ
Colombian peso - COL$
Saudi riyal - ﷼
Malaysian ringgit - RM
Romanian leu - L

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Deborah A.
Very Useful Spending Guide!

The London Spending Guide is easy to use and a wonderful budget planner. In addition to a detailed budget calculator, it also includes a detailed expense tracking worksheet. This is very useful because, while you are on vacation, you can see when your spending exceeds budget and make adjustments. At the end of your trip, you can review your total budget versus actual spending which will help you create a better budget for future trips. I also love the trip savings plan. After you calculate your budget, the savings plan helps you determine the amount you need to set aside from each paycheck to fund your trip to London. Jess and the Love and London team did a wonderful job with this spending guide.

Cindy Gullatt
London Vacation

This is an awesome tool! Extremely detailed and helpful in planning out trip!

shireen sarwari

London Spending Guide

Sarah Omar

As someone who hates working with Excell sheet, I found the spreadsheet extremely easy-to-use.

Brady K
Great Guide!!!

Once again you and your team have out done yourself. What a great guide to figure out all your costs and the spread sheet is a plus with being able to just plug in your info and everything get updated. I would recommend everyone pick this up and all of your guides also. Thank you so much for all the work you and your team do to help out people coming to London.