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Great Experience

My wife and I are planning a trip to London next year and had no idea wear to start. We found this guide via YouTube which made things so much easier for us. The guide is very detailed and on top of that, they have great customer service. I was having issues with downloading my guide in which they had a quick response time and were able to help with my issue. Highly recommend it and I have already recommended them to friends and family.

Perfect resource when traveling to London

This is wonderful for anyone traveling to the UK. It’s essentially your local friend who can show you the best things to do and the best ways to get around the city.

6 Days in London Ultimate Bundle
Christopher Pandolfi
Perfect for a solo trip

This was super helpful for me as this is my first big trip abroad. The tips on how to avoid tourist traps and suggestions on timeline was invaluable. Thanks again.

2022 3-Day London Itinerary

6-Day London Itinerary
Diane Kerrigan
Very helpful

Glad I purchased this information as it was very through and would have taken a lot of effort to get on my own. It was especially helpful as we were trying to navigate through London while area’s were closed off due to the Queens death and processions. I felt I got the maximum number of activities possible during this unusual time in London with this guide.

Everything you could need in one place!

I am extremely grateful for this itinerary and the creator(s) behind it! We have a 10 day trip coming up, as a family of 5, and I was exhausted trying to figure out what to do each day. This solved it. I can now explore an area at a time while feeling fulfilled in both traditional tourist attractions and non tourist activities. We can’t wait to put it to good use! Big thanks!

6-Day London Itinerary
Mohammed Habash
London in September

Truly simplicity is key. I will be going to London with my wife and daughter and I found this guide tremendously helpful. Although it is obvious that you exerted huge effort but the end product is as simple and straightforward.

Sincerely I would recommend this to everyone would be visiting London.


Packer Game London Trip

Everything we hoped for and more … the digital map is great … the suggestions are wonderful … the toilet locations … great tools

6-Day London Itinerary
Joseph Freund
Volume is incredible! Take Your time to appreciate everything!

This is my first venture to London and I am so pleased that I subscribed to Your Website. The volume and variety of suggestions is too much to absorb the first time through. Even the second for some things but ultimately the comfort level grows and I realize more that London is a superb destination and Love and London is the best complimentary support website to prepare for the visit!

Future plans

Looking forward to using the maps and ideas for my trip in Feb '23. Having the sights to see catorgatized by area is very helpful!

Love the Six-Day London Itinerary!

I have been to London many times but it has been several years and I will be visiting London for an extended stay this Fall. I absolutely love the Six-Day London Itinerary! It was easy to download and it covers so many things to see and do, both mainstream and offbeat. I especially love the food and drink recommendations in each area. This will be incredibly useful for my trip because it is chockfull of wonderful suggestions for things to do that I have never done in London before! Can't wait to use it! Thank you!

Do not go to London without it!

I have just returned from our 8-day stay in London and must say that the itinerary became our holy book. It is so perfect that I cannot imagine visiting other city with an equivalent product! Great job that makes you life sos much easier! Tips, food and beverage recommendations, hidden gems. It has all that you need!

Excellent information. Glad I learned about it before heading over. It is orogg by Nov. dry helpful

Excellent guides

Just returned from a 2 week trip to visit family in England. We spend a week in London. Using all the casual guides with the helpful maps, we were never out of anything to do. It's was a great trip for all. The group included 69 year old, 2 50 year olds, 17 and 15 year old boys. Everyone loved the trip.

A big bouquet for the 6 day guide

I’ve been all over the planet from Geneva to Moscow to the Australian outback, and this is the best trip planning guide I’ve ever used. Jess has hit a home run. She has crammed so many jewels and trinkets along the pathway from one must-see to the next that I’m glad I planned my trip for 11 days! This is a must have for any serious London vacation.

6-Day London Itinerary
Brian OConnell
London 6 day itinerary

Jess has done an excellent job planning this itinerary. It’s efficiently layer out and combines the obvious must sees with some great less known sites. Well worth the money.

6-Day London Itinerary
Jessica Bivens
Such a unique guide

I’m going to London around the holidays on a much delayed honeymoon (thanks, Covid!). I’m honestly so glad our trip was delayed because this guide is just so perfect! It has something for everyone and some really great food recommendations that I would have never found on my own. Kuddos for all the bookstore recs. Totally worth the price for this highly customizable guide that is FILLED with options to make your trip exactly what you want it to be!

Excellent info on where to go, sites to see for free, how to use the Tube, I can’t wait to go see ya in two days! ❤️❤️❤️

Well Worth the Trivial Expense!

Ok, so let's be honest about something: If you're taking a vacation to London, you're already spending a fair amount of money. Trust me when I say that if you spend a few extra dollars on a London Trip Planning Consultation with Jess from Love and London, you will save yourself SO much time, aggravation and money during the course of your trip. On our one-on-one consultation call, Jess was extremely friendly, easy-going and of course knowledgeable about all the things that are at the core of a visit to London: Where to stay, how to get around, what to see and do, and of course, great places to eat and drink. In advance of the consultation, Jess and her assistant, Dani, send a questionnaire upfront to get an idea of how you like you travel and what sorts of things you like to see and do. This helps to maximize the time during the consultation call so that she can spend that time as efficiently as possible with recommendations and further questions to really hone in on things that will make your trip as enjoyable as possible. We talked about hotels, travel to and from the airport, getting around in general, different types of activities that would suit the various interests of me and my family members, and then of course restaurants & places to get a drink. Within a few days of our call, I received an email with our personalized London Trip Planning Consultation broken down in easy-to-follow sections reviewing all the things we talked about on our call. The email also included a copy of Jess's London Packing Guide. I should probably state that is wasn't our first trip to London, but even so, making the call with Jess and getting the guide that resulted from our consultation made this easily the best London vacation to date. We saw and did so many wonderful things we'd never experienced before, and had some truly fantastic meals. Our hotel - recommended by Jess - was terrific and all around, we all had an amazing and memorable 10 days. Do yourself a favor and schedule your London Trip Planning Consultation before taking your London trip! Highly recommended!

So good I had to buy the 6 day itinerary!

I went through the 3 day itinerary and I loved it so much that I had to buy the 6 day itineray for my month long stay in London in September 2022. I am 69 years old and I travel alone and this itinerary will assist also to guide me along London's lesser known areas and also in using the 10 day London pass that I also bought for this upcoming holiday.

6-Day London Itinerary
Michael Betancourt
Great product

I am a solo traveler who will be traveling to London for my first time. The guide is perfect for someone like me. Knowing little of London, this guide gives valuable information on what to do and more importantly how to do it. Instead of going across the town from site to site, the guide breaks it down by area and ensures you aren't wasting valuable time or money and keeps everything nearby.

Could Not Go Without These Guides - If You Really Want to Experience the True London

There is much to be said for Buckingham Palace, The Changing of The Guards, etc. Much history and culture to absorb yourself in. With that being said, do not bog down your days with sites that you are truly not interested in. Don't feel like you HAVE to do anything. This is your trip and your experience in London. Make it richer with these guides. I so WISH I would have had these guides the first time and the second time I went to London. The time and money and sometimes, dare I say, quite unsatisfactory experience or dining. I truly believe that travel prevents all sorts of prejudice and if you are lucky enough to travel to London. Take part and enjoy this wonderful city and the people and their culture. I cannot wait for my upcoming trip. I have the ability with these guides to partake in areas and meander and find the things that I may not have found, if it weren't for these guides. Thank you Jess and Team. Maybe we can catch up for a pint or a cup of tea!

A very informative session for anyone contemplating a move to London

I stumbled upon Love and London's YouTube channel last fall when I started gathering info about moving to London. I was very happy to see that Jess recorded the session and provided all of the info for anyone who missed the live event. Jess packs in alot of info and documents to help you get your bearings on preparing to make the jump. Hope there are more of these in the future!

2022 3-Day London Itinerary
Sebastian Altamirano
Excellent guide. Very useful and practical!

The guide was super clear to understand and served us at all times.
The best thing, in my opinion, is that he offers the possibility of freely resuming the circuit after letting himself be lost in his own interests.
We were surprised by London for not being very child friendly. I knew when I bought the guide that it was not designed for children, it would be great if they could add some tips for future trips!
Excellent work, it was a great help! We will recommend them as many times as we can!

Do not hesitate! You MUST have this itinerary

Despite being a seasoned traveler, planning for my upcoming London trip was stressful. I was lost with some many options and resources. Jess´ itinerary saved me hours of looking at information (and getting lost in the middle) and made my planning a breeze. Looking forward to the 6-day one!