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Highly Recommed

We were overwhelmed as to where to go and the 4 day guide was very helpful. Would definitely purchase again.

London Packing Guide
Cheryl Dezern
Summer in London checklist

Just printed my Summer in London checklist- I'm already a little less stressed! With all of the decisions I have to make about itinerary (your YouTube channel has helped tremendously, btw) it's nice to have a compact, everything you'll probably need, checklist to rely on!

First Time Traveler Must

This guide really helped me plan out my trip, and be extension, calm my nerves about going to a new country by myself.

It's great at offering a wide variety of options, with explanations of sights. Well keeping public transport routes in mind.

I'd also suggest watching Love and London's public transport guide.

Excellent resource

We find this site a great resource for planning our trip to London. We especially like the knowledge and suggestions for visiting the non-touristy areas.

Very helpful!

Contains a large amount of detail that would be impossible to find on your own.

5-Day London Itinerary 2023
Peter from New Jersey
Keeping London in my mind all the time.

When I am depressed, I look at Jess's videos and they remind me of the
good things that I can do there. Only London!!!

Thank you so much for this guide - it made our trip!

Our trip wouldn’t have been the same without your guide - we are so thankful!

Finally, I'm visiting London in May , As I have no interest in touristy spots, I have got this Guide which is super❗I haven't read all of them yet as I will have plenty of time during my long flight from Tokyo to London. Looking forward to reading the Guide on my way to London as well as visiting Jess ' s recommendation spots as much as possible❣️

I will write additional reviews after my trip.


I discovered Jess’ videos and guides a week before my trip to London. I sought info getting around the city and finding interesting sites off the beaten trail. Her offerings were informative, useful, professional and upbeat.
One passing tip that I followed: instead of paying 40+ GBP to ride a double decker tour bus, I jumped on a cross city bus from Parliament for less than 2 GBP. Worked for me!
Jess’ vidis and guides for sale are definitely worth checking out.

5 stars!!

A much needed resource

You can tell Jess has put in a lot of effort writing a travel guide which only a true local who treats her readera professionally would be able to write. I look forward to visiting many of the attractions following Jess' suggestions. Thanks so much!

Jess is the best!

Jess provides indispensable insider info! Love her insights!

Superb! Informative & Easy to Use

I've been making plans easily thanks to Jess's guides and can't wait to put them into to action when I visit May/June.

Great info and useful tips

We’re preparing our first trip to London. At first, I was a bit overwhelmed by all the things to do and see. But, with Love and London, I’ve found all the information I need at the same place. Very useful resource. Now, I am really looking forward to our upcoming visit. Thank you.

I thought I was getting a book

I haven't printed it out because I do not have a printer. SO not too happy

Amazing Info right at your fingertips!

Love all the detailed information and hidden gems!
I’m not traveling until September 2023 so this guide is helping me plan all my unique spots that the locals go to.

Thanks Jess!!

This will be my 1st trip to London. I’m traveling solo and easily get turned around🙄.
Just briefly looking through the PDF pages I’m impressed with the locations, descriptions are well written and lovely photos. Another plus is having the pins placed on Google Maps.

Hi Robin,

We just wanted to say a massive thank you for your lovely review!

These are invaluable for our small business ❤️

The Love and London team

super helpful guide

I purchased the Love and London Casual Tourist Guide for Central London. I love the recommendations, organization, graphic design, and overall quality of the guides. I think it's a good value too. You could buy a book, but an electronic guide is better because it won't take up room in your suitcase. I will probably buy more guides, I will probably book one of the tours offered. Love and London is like having a cool friend in London to help you get around.

Hi Tera,

We just wanted to say a massive thank you for your lovely review!

These are invaluable for our small business ❤️

The Love and London team

6-Day London Itinerary 2023

Hi Judith,

We just wanted to say a massive thank you for your lovely review!

These are invaluable for our small business ❤️

The Love and London team

I do love London

This will be my 6th trip to London - my favorite city. I’ve done all the major things, all the ones you are supposed to. (And you should if you are new to the city)
I find Jess’s guide incredibly helpful when looking for the more hard to find and hidden adventures and places. Really love the tips on great places to eat and great pubs to drink in. Without a doubt they guides make my trip better…

Fabulous resource- highly recommended!

This is an absolutely fantastic resource that is worth every penny. My family of four is travelling to London from the US, and this itinerary is an absolute gem. It gives you the option to see the major tourist attractions that most itineraries are comprised of, but adds in tons of "off the beaten path" and local favorites. The way things are organized is tremendously helpful and easy to follow. It's like having your own personal tour guide. If you value your time at more than $1-2/hour, then the purchase is a no-brainer. This would take me weeks to put together, and I'd likely be missing out on a number of hidden gems. Love this!

London Packing Guide
Christie Farrell
So helpful!

I stumbled upon Love and London on TikTok and I'm so glad I clicked on the website. The guides are so helpful! This will be my second time going and I get to do more than just work related things, so the packing guide was so helpful while I organize my trip. May can be tricky so I feel prepared with clothes for varying occasions and weather.

The Casual Tourist Guides to London [5-Guide Bundle] 2022
Michael Egan
Cant wait to use them!

Such a comprehensive guide to all the 'good stuff" in London. Not arriving for a few weeks yet but the guides are loaded in our phones and will be put to great use Im sure!
Thanks Jess and Team

Very Helpful Itinerary

This itinerary has been very helpful in the planning of an upcoming excursion. The in depth insight has been helpful to avoid costly 'tourist traps' while also opening the doors to hidden gem locations and events. There is more than enough information regarding what to see, what to avoid, where to eat, etc. The recommendations to walking tours has been particularly outstanding.

The Casual Tourist Guides + Spending Guide Bundle 2022
Les Lidtke

The Casual Tourist Guides + Spending Guide Bundle