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London Trip Planning Consultation

London Trip Planning Consultation

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Are you struggling to plan your London trip, and need a local to give you insight?

Planning a trip to London can be stressful for those who have never been to the city and have specific situations and questions that Google isn’t able to provide answers to. Hop on the phone with a Londoner with years of experience and get all of the answers and help that you need to feel comfortable and confident in your future trip.

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Does this sound like you?

- I think my itinerary might be too full, how do I know if it is?

Where can I store my luggage before my flight home?

Do I need to have an oyster card before travelling to London, and how do I get one?

What are the best places to eat near my hotel?

- Which hotels are suitable for my tastes and circumstances?

- I’d like to see XX place outside of London, is it feasible in a trip with # days?

How do I get from the airport to my hotel?

- What are some activities we can do that suit my tastes and interests?

This is a small sample of the questions Jess can answer on your Trip Planning Consultation.

What we can cover in your 30-minute consultation call:

- Ask for specific hotel recommendations based on your budget, tastes and needs

- Have Jess look over your current itinerary to ensure it makes sense

- Get random questions answered that you’ve not been able to locate answers to through Googling or on message boards

- Ask Jess questions about your big MOVE to London

After your call, you’ll get…

  • Personalised Mini-Guide

    A personalised mini-guide that includes everything mentioned during the call, so you don’t have to furiously take notes.

  • London Packing Guide

    A free copy of our London Packing Guide to help you with all of your packing needs (£9 value).

    Includes printable seasonal packing lists, a month-by-month weather guide, “What to wear” suggestions, and more.

  • Discount Code

    A 30% discount code to use across our entire Love and London shop (one-time use only).

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How does the consultation work?

Step 1. You purchase your consultation via the “buy now” button

Step 2. We’ll email you a link to book your call for your preferred time, and a questionnaire that will help Jess get to know you and your trip better.

Step 3. You’ll hop on your 30-minute call with Jess to talk through everything you’d like.

Step 4. Within four business days, you’ll receive your personalised mini-guide, your digital copy of the London Packing Guide and your unique 30% discount code.

Things we aren't able to help with...

- Anything outside of London. They're called LONDON trip planning calls after all ;)

- In-depth help with traveling London with kids.

- Making an itinerary for you. However you can bring your planned itinerary and Jess can give you tips and advice on if it's realistic or not.

Frequently Asked Questions

With this service, can you make a custom itinerary for me?

No, we're afraid that's actually a huge project that isn't covered in this service but we recommend bringing a document with your current plan for your trip and Jess can answer questions and let you know if it's realistic or not.

Can you help with travel outside of London?

Jess has limited knowledge of things outside of London as there's SO much that she'd need to learn. So it's best to focus mostly on the London part of your trip for this service.

I'm traveling with kids. Can Jess help with that?

Jess's expertise doesn't cover kids travel in-depth but she will help as best she can.

Can I book this and ask questions about moving to London?

Absolutely! In fact we've had many people book this service to ask solely about moving to London. Jess has a ton of knowledge on this.

Can Jess make hotel or Airbnb recommendations?

Jess advises against using Airbnb and similar services in London but if you give her parameters such as budget, areas you like, etc she can provide 2-3 hotel or apart-hotel recommendations.

How long does it take to receive my guide after the call?

You'll receive this guide within four business days after your call.
On the same email we will also include your London Packing Guide and your discount code.

How far in advance should I buy this for my trip?

You'll receive a link to book your call after purchase, and you can select the date that works best for you (if you can't find one please email us and we will try to accommodate your request). Then, after your call we'll have your mini guide ready within three business days. We usually recommend booking your Trip Planning Consultation 1-2 months before your trip if you can.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Louie Zucaro
Well Worth the Trivial Expense!

Ok, so let's be honest about something: If you're taking a vacation to London, you're already spending a fair amount of money. Trust me when I say that if you spend a few extra dollars on a London Trip Planning Consultation with Jess from Love and London, you will save yourself SO much time, aggravation and money during the course of your trip. On our one-on-one consultation call, Jess was extremely friendly, easy-going and of course knowledgeable about all the things that are at the core of a visit to London: Where to stay, how to get around, what to see and do, and of course, great places to eat and drink. In advance of the consultation, Jess and her assistant, Dani, send a questionnaire upfront to get an idea of how you like you travel and what sorts of things you like to see and do. This helps to maximize the time during the consultation call so that she can spend that time as efficiently as possible with recommendations and further questions to really hone in on things that will make your trip as enjoyable as possible. We talked about hotels, travel to and from the airport, getting around in general, different types of activities that would suit the various interests of me and my family members, and then of course restaurants & places to get a drink. Within a few days of our call, I received an email with our personalized London Trip Planning Consultation broken down in easy-to-follow sections reviewing all the things we talked about on our call. The email also included a copy of Jess's London Packing Guide. I should probably state that is wasn't our first trip to London, but even so, making the call with Jess and getting the guide that resulted from our consultation made this easily the best London vacation to date. We saw and did so many wonderful things we'd never experienced before, and had some truly fantastic meals. Our hotel - recommended by Jess - was terrific and all around, we all had an amazing and memorable 10 days. Do yourself a favor and schedule your London Trip Planning Consultation before taking your London trip! Highly recommended!

Christy Hunter
Jess is AMAZING!!! Highly recommend

I found Jess through her YouTube videos while researching my upcoming trip to London with my family. After finding her videos very helpful, I looked at her website and found her virtual consult service. I booked it right away and was able to set it up with her in a few days. I felt so overwhelmed trying to plan this trip with 4 kids and 4 adults for 10 days and really didn't have any more time to research, so I was so excited when I found this.
Jess sent over a list of questions so she would be prepared for our chat. The consult was sooo helpful!!! Jess is very personable and really listened to the details and interests we had. She gave me so much insight into the areas I wasn't sure about and helped me with mapping out the whole trip. Then after our talk she and her team developed a VERY extensive travel guide just for us!!!! It is so perfect, has the details of everything we talked about and more!! Even restaurants she thought we would enjoy. She really took into account our families travel stye. I feel so relieved and prepared for the trip!! This is more than worth the price and the value is amazing. 10/10 do this if you're going to London for the first time or 100th!

Louie Zucaro
You'll Be Glad You Booked Your Call!

My family and I are planning a trip to London for this summer to make up for the trip we couldn't take there 2 years ago due to you-know-what. Even if you've been to London before, like we have, you'll want to book a call with Jess. Her knowledge of things in and around London is impressive, and even if you have an idea of some of the things you want to see, do, experience, eat, drink, etc., Jess can help greatly by either confirming that your choices are good choices or by suggesting alternatives to consider for one reason or another. I really appreciated that Jess and her team are really well-organized and will ask for a bit of info upfront so that she's prepared when it comes time for your call. She was friendly, helpful, generous with her time and was great at listening to and understanding the specifics of what we wanted to get out of our trip, so that she could recommend things such as attractions, restaurants, day trips, etc. that will fit in well with the particulars of what our family likes to do. The cost is beyond reasonable to save the trouble of possibly booking a less-than-great hotel or reservations at a restaurant that maybe isn't the best, or even missing out on a fantastic experience because you didn't know it existed. In the grand scheme of the cost of a trip to London, it's a tiny, insignificant fee that will more than pay for itself in what you don't have to figure out on your own. I'm glad I found Jess's channel and even more glad that I booked the call. Thanks Jess and Dani!