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Based on 312 reviews
Much better than expected

I’m the kind of person that normally makes all the plans upfront by myself using books and internet. Which is also fun. Finally, I bought the three day itinerary anyway and gave up all my already done planning. 😂 It’s simply that much better, easy to use while in London and ensuring to see all from highlights to insider tips. London is expensive 😳 so it really makes sense to ensure you spend the money on the right things. Thx to Jess and all the team behind.

Excellent Planning Tool

The 6-Day London Itinerary 2024 is packed full of information, recommendations, and ideas. We used it to ensure we saw the "must see's" on our list, and then the "if we have time" things on our list. We will use it during our trip for the restaurants and bars and other activities. Thank you for this excellent tool! Well worth the small charge! Many thanks, Roxann Amyotte

London Packing Guide
Leeann Knight

London Packing Guide

4-Day London Itinerary 2024

3 Day Itinerary & Casual Tourist Guides

We are visiting London in June for the first time for 6 days & opted to purchase both types of guides to get the best overall experience for our trip. Really glad I did, so much to do, & as I’m a planner I’m loving how organised I feel ! Can’t wait !

London Packing Guide
Christine B.
Excellent Packing Tips

My husband and I are taking a trip to London in the fall and we weren't sure what to pack. This guide really is helpful because it covers everything from weather by season to things we would not have thought about and may have missed. The checklist section really takes the stress out of packing and has help me buy a few things for the season in preparation.

Great Guide

My husband and I were thrilled to see how much research and information went into this guide. It has really been helpful for planning our trip.

Nice guide!

Our journey with Love and London's itinerary was superb. The guide was incredibly helpful, and the recommended places were fantastic. However, if there's one suggestion we could offer for improvement, it would be to include more pictures of the recommended places. Having visual references would have made it even easier to envision our visits. Overall, we highly recommend Love and London for an unforgettable London experience.

4-Day London Itinerary 2024

I bought the book 4 days in London, but this is something that cannot be said in words, because when reading each paragraph, you are amazed at how much work has been done by the author Jess Dante and his team, how much love I feel in every word written by the author of the book. We are from Armenia, should go with my family, celebrate my daughter’s birthday, my daughter was in London 4 times, and it seemed to her that she had seen everything, but reading the guidebook she was very amazed. I couldn’t understand why the book was so expensive, but now I understand, and I just I’m very glad that I bought the guide. I can’t express in words how grateful I am that Jess Dante did such a meticulous job.

Digital Map (Google Map Overlay) was fantastic!

The itinerary was very clear, and we especially appreciated the included Digital Map that overlayed Google Maps. Even if our plans for the day took us on a path that differed from the itinerary, the fantastic Digital Map was extremely useful to find wonderful cafes and other hot spots along the way. Thank you!

Can’t wait!

Great information for my upcoming trip!

Great tool to guide us !

We were a little bit anxious about our upcoming trip to London, where to start, what to see, how to get there from point A to point B ! The guide we ordered for our 4 days trip was a great relieve ! We now have a clear and comprehensive plan for our trip to London from start to finish!
Thanks to Jess and her team, we are now ready to explore London

Love London Guide

I had not been to the UK in decades so started watching video and Love and London. There are many good tips in the videos. The guide is helpful as is the City Mapper. London is big so focus on what you can do with your time and do not be afraid of the tubes for travel - well lighted - safe - and easy to get around. I wish I would of had the time to visit some of the suggestion. One was Churchill Arms and they were booked 2 weeks. So take her advice on lines at famous sites and restaurants. I did go to some out of her suggestions and on my last day trekked to leather lane but close because of Easter.


Very vibrant guide! We mixed and matched the days as needed as the weather was not so good as it should ... and it worked perfectly.

L&L team from Vnzla

Right now we are planning our trip, all of your data is very helpful for us, thanks a lot for produce this kind of information.

Great value

The paid itinerary, in addition to the free YouTube videos from this channel (using Citymapper,
transportation from the airport to Paddington, etc.) were extremely helpful. Enjoyed the mix of local gems with the more famous sites, and having the list of sites divided out in manageable groupings per day - already done for us - saved soooooo much planning time. We tried many of the restaurant recommendations - all good and aligned to the review in the itinerary. It was nice to know what to expect. The digital Google map was very nicely done. The toilet guide was a lifesaver! Highly recommend this purchase. It’s a great value considering the amount of self-research time it saved (not to mention the resident tips that couldn’t have been found easily elsewhere). :)

Super helpful!

Amazing itinerary which saves so much time, but also enables you to really enjoy the best out of London in such a short period. Granted, we initially thought that the cost was high, but after making use of it, it was completely worth it. Congrats to Jess and Team!

4-Day London Itinerary 2024

Packing Guide

3-Day Itinerary

Good itinerary, even better customer service!

The Best Thing I Could Have Done for My London Trip

I purchased the 6 Day Itinerary for our 10+ day trip to London in May. Guys, when I tell you these guides are lifesavers would be an understatement. If you’re like me and you get overwhelmed when planning a trip and don’t know where to start, GET THESE ITINERARIES! They take away the stress and just let you get more and more excited for your upcoming trip. I cannot thank Jess and the Love and London team enough!!

Helpful information

We are going to be in London for only 48hrs, so The Casual Tourist Guide to West London will be very helpful and it will help me to decide which places I want to see and what is close by that would be of interest. With so little time I don't want to waste time by spending it trying to figure out how to use the London Tube, where the public toilets are, trying to figure out where to eat, etc. These guides will definitely help with all that. I love the maps you get to download with all the information that I need on the map. Also, I'm not the best with computers and downloading maps, but Love + London was there to help me. I just wish I had longer in London to explore more with my Casual Guide. Highly recommend using their helpful guides! We have a month before our trip, but I am looking forward to a memorial and good 48 hours in London with my Casual Guide.

Time of our Lifes

We were able to see and do everything we wanted and more because of this amazing company thank you so much for making our experience magical.

Worth every penny!

In just the first cursory review of the material we found two ideas that we had not considered that saved us more than we paid for the 5 day itinerary. Well with the money!!