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Love and London - Gift Card

Love and London - Gift Card

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Do you have a friend travelling to London and who wants to get to know the city beyond the tourist traps? Regardless if it’s Christmas or a birthday that's coming up, gift cards for our London travel guides are always an appreciated gift. 


Gift cards start at £25 and can be used on any of the following items: 

❤️ London Itineraries
❤️ Casual Tourist Guides to London
❤️ London Spending Guide
❤️ London Packing Guide
❤️ London Hotel Guide
❤️ London Colouring Book
❤️ London Trip Planning Consultation
❤️ Moving to London Virtual Event (PDF and Recording)

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to receive my guide?

You'll receive this guide immediately upon purchase via digital download. 

How do I save the guides to my phone/laptop?

To most easily access your Love and London guides and to make sure you can always reference them into the future, you’ll need to download your files to one or more of your devices. It’s fairly straightforward but if you are not sure how to do that then follow these steps

Get in touch with us if you need us to reset your download attempts as each guide can be downloaded five times by default.