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London Itineraries

Our London Itineraries are designed to help you make the most of your limited time in London, while seeing the major sights and exploring hidden gems. Each itinerary includes a daily walking route with major landmarks, hidden gems, tours, restaurants, bars, and more along it that are totally worth experiencing.
Choose which recommendations match your taste, interests, and budget and follow the route with the help of a digital map.

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Discover London's best-kept secrets!
Uncover the hidden gems that make the city truly special.

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Casual Tourist Guides

Our Casual Tourist Guides are perfect for anyone looking to explore London with a local's recommendations. You won't find tourist hotspots like the Tower of London and Westminster Abbey in here. Instead, you'll discover hidden gems such as cozy cafes, unique activities and tours, independent restaurants, quirky cocktail bars, and more.The guide comes with a digital map and is perfect for those who enjoy creating their own route.
Use our Casual Tourist Guides and you’ll feel like you experienced London like a Londoner would.

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Are you worried about using the transport system on your London trip?

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London Transport Guide

Learn how to use London’s public transport like you’ve done it for years with our London Transport Guide.
The e-book will teach you how to use the Tube, bus and all transport methods, how to pay for them and how much it costs. You’ll know how to get around London easily, navigate a transport strike, avoid getting fined, and plan your day trips around the UK.
Plus, there are two video tutorials showing you step-by-step how to take the London Tube and a double-decker bus.

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Struggling to know what to pack for your London Trip?

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London Packing Guide

Would you like for a local to tell you exactly what you’ll need for your trip– right now?
If so, you need the London Packing Guide. You’ll get a printable packing list (for all seasons), help with packing for London’s unpredictable weather, and info on what you absolutely must bring in order to be prepared for your trip.

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Struggling to figure out the budget for your London trip?

London Spending Guide

The London Spending Guide helps you estimate trip expenses, create a budget, and track spending. The guide includes advice on getting and spending money, and recommendations for hotels, restaurants, drinks, and activities at all budget levels.
The London Budget Tracker is an easy-to-use Google Sheets template that lets you calculate how much to save, determine the total amount you can spend, and track your daily expenses. It supports over 30 different currencies.

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Jess noticed that her followers had a hard time planning their own trip to London. Using her knowledge of the city, she decided to start the Love and London shop to help them out. Over the years, we have expanded our product range to include multi-day itineraries, guides, budget sheets, and more. And soon, we will be expanding our expertise to Paris as well 😉

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