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6-Day London Itinerary 2023

6-Day London Itinerary 2023

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Save days of researching and planning your own itinerary

Your six (incredible) days in London sorted, without wasting hours and hours of your own time trying to research and plan 🤯

With the 6-Day London Itinerary, we've made it SO easy to explore the best of London in six days. You’ll be amazed when you look back and think about how much you saw, experienced, ate and drank without feeling exhausted afterwards.

*You'll receive these guides immediately upon purchase via digital download.

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    Itinerary Contents:

    ❤️ 200+ Page PDF Guide

    Includes attractions and recommendations, plus insider tips, links to relevant information, opening hours, cost indicator, and more.

    There are also symbols indicating which spots are friendly for Veggies, Vegans and G-Free, and that are wheelchair accessible.

    We give you lots of choices along each day's route, and you choose which to do based on your interests, budget and travel style.

    ❤️ Major Attractions + Local Gems

    The itinerary covers major attractions including ones listed below plus suggestions for local gems to experience in between.

    Piccadilly Circus, Buckingham Palace, Borough Market, London Fields, Tower Bridge, Columbia Road Flower Market, Covent Garden, London Eye, Southbank, Shoreditch, Street Art, Spitalfields Market, Notting Hill, Kensington, King's Cross, Peckham, Brixton, Greenwich, Hampstead, Camden, and more…

    ❤️ Printable Checklists

    At the end of each day you’ll find a checklist with all the recommendations and a lined page so that you can select and annotate the activities that best suit your travel group.

    ❤️ Digital Map

    The map includes all recommendations mentioned in the PDF, plus indicators to help you “stay on track” with the general path of the itinerary. We’ve even added pins to show you where public toilets are and even some sneaky private ones, so you’ll never be stuck without one.

    Please note this is a pre-made itinerary, not a custom one.

    Do not hesitate! You MUST have this itinerary

    Despite being a seasoned traveler, planning for my upcoming London trip was stressful. I was lost with some many options and resources. Jess´ itinerary saved me hours of looking at information (and getting lost in the middle) and made my planning a breeze. Looking forward to the 6-day one!

    (about our 3-Day Itinerary)

    Rodrigo, ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    • Day 1

      Today you'll see a lot of London’s most famous sights, like Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey and The Shard. We also visit the popular South Bank and locally-loved Bermondsey.

    • Day 2

      Today, you’ll be in the very centre of London, which is absolutely buzzing! Explore Chinatown, Soho, Covent Garden, and more. Today is a great day to do afternoon tea.

    • Day 3

      We kick off at the Tower of London and Tower Bridge, with the rest of the day taking you through eclectic Shoreditch and to iconic places like the Barbican, Broadway Market, and Victoria Park.

    • Day 4

      We're exploring parts of west London today. We start with some of our most famous (free) museums, a historic concert hall, and a real life royal palace. Then we're up to classic Notting Hill and finally you'll make your way along Regent's Canal to Paddington.

    • Day 5

      We start in Hampstead, followed by famous Camden, stopping at Primrose Hill and Regent's Park Road along the way. You'll then make your way to King's Cross on a unique pathway, where there's tons of great shopping, restaurants, bars and even an outdoor cinema.

    • Day 6

      Day six is a big day for those who love lots of history, as we're heading to Greenwich which has several interesting museums. You could arrive by boat! Then we drift to eclectic Peckham and Brixton, two super-local and diverse areas.

    • The Info Guide

      This PDF contains tons of key information, like how the guide works, how to access the digital map, the London Pass Guide, a guide to the best day to do each route and more.

    • Printable Checklists

      Use these to keep track of the places you don't want to miss on each itinerary day. Print them or save to your phone to keep track digitally.

    • Digital Map

      Everything in the PDF guides are marked off of the Digital Map. It integrates with Google Maps and you can easily get walking, taxi and public transport directions to any of our recommendations. There are toilets marked off too!

    • Which day should you do it?

      We made the 6-Day London Itinerary so that no matter which days you do each route on, you will get a lot out of it. That being said, due to opening times and peak times, there are some days that are a bit better than others to do them, we included advice on this in the guide.

    • Dietary Requirements

      London’s food spots are generally pretty good at accommodating for this, and I’ve included a variety of options that should suit just about everyone. Markets are especially good for this, by the way! We include icons indicating restaurants that are veggie-friendly, vegan-friendly and GF friendly.

    • Wheelchair Accessibility Info

      Our itinerary has indicators telling you whether or not each recommendation is wheelchair accessible and there are plenty of options for those who need to avoid stairs. You can expect to travel a fairly good amount each day, but how much depends on how you choose to use the itinerary.

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    London Pass Guide

    It could save you £148...

    Throughout the itinerary, we've earmarked every attraction that's included in the London Pass. We also tell you how to use the London Pass with the itinerary to save up to £148 PER ADULT 🤯 The itinerary has just paid for itself!

    *London Pass not included

    Get the Bonus Package and save £21

    For just a bit extra, select the Bonus Package to get the London Packing Guide and the London Spending Guide, and you'll save £21 off the price of buying the guides separately.

    London Packing Guide

    ❤️ Are you struggling to know what to pack for your London Trip?

    Would you like for a local to tell you exactly what you’ll need for your trip– right now?

    If so, you need my London Packing Guide. You’ll get a printable packing list (for the season you’re visiting), help with packing for London’s unpredictable weather, and info on what you absolutely must bring in order to be prepared for your trip.

    ❤️ The digital guide includes:

    - Printable packing lists by season
    - London weather guide, broken down by months
    - Jacket and shoes purchasing guide
    - “Items everyone should pack for London” list

    London Spending Guide

    ❤️ Struggling to figure out the budget for your London trip?

    The London Spending Guide is a tool that does just that. It comes with:

    1. London Cost Guide - a PDF filled with advice about getting and spending money in London, plus guides for how much you can expect to pay for certain parts of your trip, and recommendations for hotels, food, drink and activities for every budget level.


    2. London Budget Tracker- an easy-to-use but incredibly comprehensive Google Sheets template. Calculate how much money you need to save each month to pay for your trip, figure out the total amount you can spend, play with your numbers to see where you want to splurge and where you want to save, and keep track of your daily spending while in London so you can stay on budget. It's available for 30+ different currencies (see which ones in the FAQ section below.)

    Basic Package vs. Bonus Package

    • Basic Package

      • 6-Day Itinerary
      • Digital Map
      • Printable Checklists
      • 10% Donation to Charity

    • Bonus Package

      • 6-Day Itinerary
      • Digital Map
      • Printable Checklists
      • 10% Donation to Charity
      • London Spending Guide
      • London Packing Guide

      (Save £21!)

    …and your purchase isn't just about you.

    10% of your Itinerary purchase will be donated to Hackney Food Bank, a food bank in Jess’s local area that helps to tackle food poverty.

    And we’re super proud to say that since 2019, itinerary purchases have helped send £14,525 to some amazing London charities. 

    See how the Itinerary works...

    6-Day Itinerary FAQs

    Is this custom made for me?

    This is a pre-made itinerary, not a custom one. We offer tons of flexibility so you can decide what best suits your group's needs.

    How long does it take to receive my guide?

    You'll receive this guide immediately upon purchase via digital download.

    How are these itineraries different from your Casual Tourist Guides?

    The itineraries include lots of the major attractions alongside some local spots and hidden gems. You'll find everything from sights, points of interest, activities, tours, coffee shops, some great spots to do some shopping, restaurants and street food markets, pubs and bars. The itineraries also include a London Pass Guide and a robust digital map, with a designated route to follow which includes all the spots mentioned in the itinerary. 

    By contrast, The Casual Tourist Guides are strictly hidden gems. Underrated museums, gin-making experiences, locally-loved restaurants, interesting historic elements that people often miss, cool underground cocktail bars. Think super cool and local, to the point that we have even had lots of Londoners buy these guides to help them better explore their own city. There's also a Digital Map included with each Casual Tourist Guide but it's up to you to decide your plan of action.

    How do I save the guides to my phone/laptop?

    To most easily access your Love and London guides and to make sure you can always reference them into the future, you’ll need to download your files to one or more of your devices. It’s fairly straightforward but if you are not sure how to do that then follow these steps.

    Get in touch with us if you need us to reset your download attempts as each guide can be downloaded five times by default.

    I have another of your itineraries, is this for me?

    All of our itineraries feature the same initial days, so for example, the first three days of the 6-Day Itinerary are the same as what’s included in the 3-Day Itinerary. If you have another itinerary and would like the extra days, shoot us an email at

    I have some of The Casual Tourist Guides, will this overlap?

    Yes, this guide overlaps with all of The Casual Tourist Guides. But the CTGs don't include as robust of a digital map and the London Pass Guide.

    How is this itinerary different from what’s online or in the bookstore?

    Well, I’ve never seen any itinerary that includes a digital map for your phone, which allows you to get real-time transportation and walking directions as well as makes it super easy to follow the itinerary. Also, many “itineraries” you can find online are created by people who’ve only visited London, not LIVED here. They aren’t able to provide alternative food options for diet restrictions, public toilets along the route, or more crucially, tips that only someone who has done this route herself for years would know.

    Why do you charge money for this?

    There are a couple of reasons. It took weeks to create the itinerary, starting with hours of researching and planning the perfect route, to multiple days of on-the-ground testing, to writing the 100+ page guide and creating the map. If I didn’t charge for the itinerary, I simply couldn’t provide it to our community as it takes up so much time to create. I also spend anywhere from £25-200 per week trying out new things around London, some of which is included in the itinerary, some of which is not worthy. Of course, all of those meals, drinks, and tickets cost a lot of money. But by me testing them out and only telling you about the best, you won’t have to waste your time and money too, because only the best of the best goes in my guides.

    If I save you from one not-so-good moderately-priced meal, you’ve already paid yourself back for your purchase, never mind the hours and hours of research and planning you won’t have to do yourself.

    I’m on a serious budget. Will this work for me?

    Yes! Just about all of the attractions included in the itinerary are either free or can be experienced “as a taste” from the outside, therefore there’s no need to buy entrance tickets if that’s not in your budget. I’ve also included budget-friendly food options (they’re the ones marked with a single “£”) or if you don’t want to spend money on food, just bring your own and only follow the sightseeing elements of the itinerary.

    How far in advance should I buy this for my trip?

    Buy it at least a week in advance, if you can. I recommend reading over the PDF before you arrive to London, so you can familiarise yourself with my recommendations, and some attractions and restaurants require advance booking. It also can take up to five business days for the Digital Map to be added to your phone, but usually just takes one business day.

    I'm travelling in 2024 but I would like to start planning, is this for me?

    Yes, with all orders of our 2023 itineraries, we will be giving you the 2024 version for free when it's launched.

    How much walking and public transportation is involved each day?

    Each day varies. All days except the last one could be done by foot only.

    I have a dietary requirement, do your food suggestions suit that?

    London’s food spots are generally pretty good at accommodating for this, and I’ve included a variety of options that should suit just about everyone. Markets are especially good for this, by the way! For a few years now we include icons indicating restaurants that are veggie-friendly, vegan-friendly and GF friendly.

    That being said, you should always check the menu online yourself, and you can also phone up a restaurant before you go to ask what they can do for any requirements, as they might have a hidden menu you can choose from, or they can create something special for you if you give enough notice.

    I’m personally vegetarian, so if you are too, you’ll find plenty of food options in the itinerary.

    I have a physical disability. Will I be able to do everything in the itinerary?

    Our itinerary has indicators telling you whether or not each recommendation is wheelchair accessible and there are plenty of options for those who need to avoid stairs. You can expect to walk a fairly good amount each day, but how much depends on how you choose to use the itinerary.

    I have really specific things I want to see, will this work for me?

    I’ve created this itinerary to cover what most people who visit London for the first time typically like to see. Of course, I can’t cover everything! If you have really specific or unique tastes, or don’t want to experience any classic London attractions (even just to see them from the outside) then this probably isn’t for you. Instead, you'll LOVE The Casual Tourist Guides, which were made literally for people just like you 🥳

    Is this suitable for families with children?

    We've had lots of families with kids use our guides, however we haven't made them with kids under 16 in mind.

    Do I need data on my phone to be able to use the Digital Map on the go in London?

    It absolutely works best when you have it. It will also allow you to get walking directions when needed, or transport directions when you’re planning to head back to your hotel once the day is done. In the guide I’ve included a list of ways to have data on your phone so you can stay connected.

    Does the itinerary tell you how to get to the starting point of each day from my hotel?

    It doesn’t, because everyone who purchases the itinerary will be arriving from different parts of London. But it gives you a concrete starting point, and when you’re at your hotel ready to start your day, just pull up the map, select the starting point, then click “Directions” to see all of your options for getting there. It’s really easy!

    Which phones does the Digital Map work on?

    It’s integrated with the Google Maps app, so it’s available for all phones that use iOS or Android operating systems.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 76 reviews
    John S
    Highly Recommed

    We were overwhelmed as to where to go and the 4 day guide was very helpful. Would definitely purchase again.

    Lesedi Mokgobi
    First Time Traveler Must

    This guide really helped me plan out my trip, and be extension, calm my nerves about going to a new country by myself.

    It's great at offering a wide variety of options, with explanations of sights. Well keeping public transport routes in mind.

    I'd also suggest watching Love and London's public transport guide.

    Richard Lane
    Very helpful!

    Contains a large amount of detail that would be impossible to find on your own.

    Peter from New Jersey
    Keeping London in my mind all the time.

    When I am depressed, I look at Jess's videos and they remind me of the
    good things that I can do there. Only London!!!

    Marcel Christian
    Thank you so much for this guide - it made our trip!

    Our trip wouldn’t have been the same without your guide - we are so thankful!